Relationships Connect Symbols Within The Mind

Ever wonder how to define a thought? Is it a structure with boundaries?

Within thought theory, a thought is the abstract perspective of a structure that inhabits a region of space called mindspace.

What is mindspace? - It's a hyper-dimensional architecture that contains hyper-dimensional structures called symbols.

A hyper-dimensional space has more than 4 dimensions, and is inhabited by structures with more than 4 dimensions.

Think about it for a minute - how do you describe a thought? It's an idea of something in relation to something else, and every thought is a vision of some physical arrangement. Thoughts are designed by nature to be joined in relationships that join abstract and physical concepts.

Because symbols are real structures in mindspace, mathematics can be employed to calculate 'distances' between them and to derive value (ie. quantities of energy).

This energy might be responsible for forcing change upon the material world.

We tend to think that thoughts are separate from physical reality. However, the truth may be that both worlds are separate halves of a single entity, that employs a single form of mathematics to manage both worlds.

Therefore, everything (thought and matter) is arranged across 5 types of patterns working together within mindspace.


And these 5 patterns are unique perspectives on the basic nature of the symbol, and they explain how symbols form, connect, and exchange energy between themselves within mindspace.

So when you look around, don't think about the separated arrangements of matter that you see, think about the connected arrangements of patterns that represent them within a hyper-dimensional mindspace.


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