See the difference between 2x2 and 2+2

When is the last time you re-thought the simple stuff?

Let's examine the difference between 2x2 and 2+2, but from a different perspective!

Both equations equal 4, however there is a real difference between the two results. The fundamental difference springs from the operator used (addition '+' vs. multiplication 'x').

Here is the logic behind multiplication:


In multiplication, objects are copied a number of times. Multiplication increases the size of a symbol, without increasing its complexity.

On the other hand, here is the logic behind addition:


During addition, two different objects are combined into a single symbol. Each group of objects remains a distinct entity within the symbol, and thus increases its overall complexity.

Multiplication scales up a single group, while addition merges two different groups together and creates additional layers of 'depth'. Although both operations result in the same numerical result, the operations yield very different underlying shapes and meanings.

Ok, so what does this difference truly mean?...

It means that we're missing a fraction of the structures within the hyper-dimensional universe.

When we use conventional math, we are only returning the physical side of the results; we are ignoring the additional values that exists in abstract space.


From an abstract perspective, 2+2 = 6 (circles). The 2 hidden circles store additional values within mindspace that are accessed by the mind when making logical decisions.

This hidden source of value is used to motivate beings into action.

Mindspace contains huge numbers of these hidden pockets, and symbols gain a lot of power from them.

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