The Conceptual Layering Of The Three Principles

In Thought Theory, the Three Principles are the basic philosophies of mindspace and the Universe.

These are the names of the principles:

  • Symmetry
  • Attraction
  • Negation

In the hyperdimensional structure they represent the three groups of dimensions:

  • Physical dimensions
  • Intelligence dimensions
  • Wave dimensions

In the architecture of the circle they represent its three subsections:

  • Inside
  • Perimeter (Border)
  • Outside

In physics they represent the three families of particles:

  • Hadrons
  • Bosons
  • Leptons

As functions of spacetime:

  • Time
  • 4 Forces of nature
  • Space

They represent the 2 perspectives of the circle and the mechanism that changes the perspective:

  • Circle [ the top view]
  • Rotation
  • Line [the side view]

In the economic model they represent its three phases:

  • Growth
  • Balance
  • Change

They are valued by these integers and irrational constants:

  • 1: Phi
  • 3: Pi
  • 2: e

As functions of Attraction they are:

  • Size [a state]
  • Order [a process]
  • Complexity [a state]

They are found in the 3 Principles of HP’s Next-Generation Computer called ‘The Machine’:

  • Ions store
  • Photos communicate
  • Electrons compute

They are also known as the 3 tools of Freemasonry:

  • Compass
  • Bible
  • Square

Btw, I call this illustrative process ‘conceptual layering’.

Conceptual Layering of the Circle

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