The Hierarchical Pattern of Mindspace

The structure of the Universe has to come from somewhere.

Modern physicists have discovered a majority of the basic functions of the Universe, but they haven't provided any great theories on how its framework came to be.

Thought Theory explains that everything originates from the circle, and its three basic divisions (the inside, outside, and border/perimeter). These divisions lead to relativity, quantum mechanics, and even thought, and this is made possible by 'conceptual overlaying' (ie. mirror-symmetry). In Thought Theory, it's a fundamental law that allows an object to symbolize more than one concept simultaneously. Through conceptual overlaying and symmetry, all of the things we come to discover and realize, fall within the three basic divisions of the circle.

Circle Three Divisions

The above pattern is of the utmost importance - it can be understood as the Three Principles of Mindspace and can be found at the top of the Tetractys.

The Tetractys symbolizes how any symbol is fundamentally divided across a mindspace.

Tetractys Mindspace

It illustrates how the physical and abstract dimensions emerge from the initial branches of a very basic binary tree.

Tetractys Mindspace

The hierarchical branches are created from the basic nature of duality itself:

Rest Motion Duality

Does this mean that the universe is binary in nature? Should we stop thinking in terms of base 5, 10, 12, 16, etc.?

I would suspect that all mindspace patterns are highly dependent on binary hierarchies, although I believe there are vast numbers of increasingly complex hierarchies within mindspace (called polynomials), which makes other bases quite useful for calculation.

By the way it appears that our minds can instinctively connect these dots. Take a look at the obvious connections found on the most circulated symbol in the history of the world:

Tetractys Pyramid Mindspace

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