The Universe Is a 12-Dimensional Hyperspace

Ok, so how did I arrive at this conclusion? String theory predicts 10 or 11 dimensions, while thought theory explains that there must be 12 dimensions. So what's going on?

First of all, let me explain what a dimension is: a dimension is a fundamental property of matter. Each bit of matter in the universe has a length, width, depth, and [footprint in] time. These 4 dimensions, commonly known as SpaceTime, are the most basic physical properties of matter. Instead of calling them properties, we call them 'dimensions' - it makes them sound more important.

It turns out that matter also has other important properties. For example, all bits of matter vibrate in SpaceTime. Therefore, every single bit of matter in the physical universe has a height, width, length, time, AND it vibrates. However, physicists do not refer to their vibrating properties as dimensions.

To reveal a 12-dimensional space, that I call mindspace, I have to dimensionalize the 4 properties of vibrating matter: period, amplitude, wavelength, and frequency.


These 4 distinct properties of vibration, are crucial in calculating probabilistic events in both classical and quantum mechanics (especially regarding the wave-particle duality).

Together, the physical and wave properties of matter account for 8 mindspace dimensions.

Now, to explain the last 4 properties of matter.

In quantum theory, everything is describable by a wavefunction.

However, a wavefunction does not actually exist.

It is a completely abstract device to explain matter in a quantum mechanical way. There isn't a way to verify its existence - it just works. It is only an equation, assembled using an assortment of letters, numbers, shapes, and meanings that precisely equals the expected behaviour of quanta (bits of matter).


Because the wavefunction contains letters, numbers, shapes, and meanings, the properties of matter must also include letters, numbers, shapes and meanings!

I'll also explain it differently: every object around us is an arrangement of matter and each arrangement can only be understood as a series of words, numbers, and other meaningful patterns.

We can count how many chairs are in a room. We can associate a chair with a price. We can write the word chair with 5 letters, and we can describe a chair as cube that is sat on. These are the intelligence dimensions of matter at work.

Our brains did not create the concepts of letters, numbers, shapes, and meanings - these are inherent dimensions of the universe.

Everything in the Universe is always framed by the 12 dimensions of mindspace.


And as we describe matter in 12 dimensions, we're no longer referring to matter, but instead we're referring to symbols.

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