What is Thought Exactly?

Thought comes from the abstract perspective of our hyper-dimensional universe.

For example, every object around us is made of bits of matter that have fundamental values like mass and velocity.

However, where did that object come from? Who made it? What is its value? What is its function?

The answers to these questions are held within the abstract perspective of the Universe. Knowing these answers requires knowing about the invisible relationships that unite objects in space and time.

When someone is thinking, their minds are moving across a massive network of relationships.

A thought is an expression of some position and motion across this abstract space of relationships.

A thought's chemical manifestation in the brain is its physical form. Although a thought is abstract, it does manifest physically.

So like a human gesture, a thought is but a physical reflection of some underlying symbolic event.

But since thought is the most basic manifestation of abstract space, the coinciding events in the abstract space will always manifest as thought before a physical gesture. 

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