What is Thought Exactly?

Thought comes from the abstract perspective of our 'hyper-dimensional' universe.

Let me put it this way, every object around us is made of bits of matter that have fundamental values like mass and velocity.

However, where did that object come from? Who made it? What is its value? What is its function?

The answers to these questions are held within the abstract perspective of the Universe. Knowing these answers requires knowing about the ‘invisible’ relationships that unite objects in space and time.

Any object we encounter will have some probabilistically-defined structure of information that is embedded within it.

Our ideas on its origin and value are intrinsic to all material forms because the Universe is dualistic in nature, and maintains both a physical and abstract space. These 2 spaces are joined together within a hyperspace, that I call Mindspace.

Mindspace is a complex grid constructed from the 5 types of relationship patterns. These relationship patterns are real hyper-dimensional structures, that exist within two types of spaces, simultaneously.

In one regard, these patterns are the foundation for atoms and objects, while in the other, they are the foundation for intelligent forms of information (and thought).

So when someone is thinking, their minds are moving across an entire mindspace of relationship patterns, and the motion can be described in the same way as someone moving across any physical space.

Theorefore thought is the expression of motion across abstract space.

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