What's the Big Difference Between Expansion and Growth?

Expansion is generally considered in the following way:


This growing circle might contain money or people for example, and as it gets bigger it implies that the amount of money or people is ‘expanding’.

However, now I’m confused, did I just explain expansion, or was that growth? Is there a difference between expansion and growth?

Well yes there is!

It is a scientific fact that the Universe has been ‘expanding’ for the last 14 billion years. But does that mean it has been growing?

Does it have more energy than it used to? No, it does not. The universe has not grown in energy, therefore it has only ‘expanded’.

Since it makes perfect sense that GROWTH in energy should be illustrated by different sizes of circles, how should EXPANSION be illustrated?

To describe expansion I use the circles within circles pattern.


I have done this in reference to thought theory’s ‘system pattern’.

Therefore, expansion is not a function of the outer perimeter, but a function of the number of inner-layers.

The expansion of any space is an expansion of depth and scale.

Here’s what expansion in depth looks like with respect to the hierarchical pattern:

Expansion Hierarchy

What the hierarchical pattern shows, that you cannot see easily from the systems pattern, is the ‘depth’ in which the additional systems exist. Expansion is the creation of new levels within the hierarchy, which equates to ‘depth’.

Watch this 30-sec video for even more clarity:

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